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The SMF copyright displayed at the bottom of every SMF Forum is there for a reason. You are NOT allowed to modify the copyright notice in any way, shape, or form. An example of an SMF copyright is:

Powered by SMF 1.1.5 | SMF © 2006–2008, Simple Machines LLC

The SMF license states:

a. A Modification must not alter or remove any copyright notices in the Software or Package, generated or otherwise.

Failure to comply will result in a reminder, then an official warning, followed by legal actions.

For information on the copyright, click on the second part of the copyright or just go to

Can the version number removed? I don't want users knowing what version of the forum I am using mainly because they may try to exploit it if there is a known exploit or something.

Yes, there is a mod for that:

Are there any licensing agreements needed to be able to use Google AdSense with this software?

Not to my knowledge. There is a mod called "ad management" that allows you to insert Google Adsense code into it to display on your forum :).


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